Network Infrastructure

All of our servers we serve are located in the data center in the caged area specially allocated to our company. Thanks to the existing infrastructure, we provide reliable and fast internet connection to our servers with a total of 4×10 Gbps internet output from home and abroad. Thanks to redundant European connections, your sites broadcast in Europe in the fastest way.
By getting the data center infrastructure over Europe’s best data centers VM, we can be much more effective in Hosting and Server Rental, which is our main business, and we can provide our customers with a high quality service.
As, our total internet output speed is 4×10 Gbps.

Hardware Infrastructure

Our server infrastructure consists of real servers. All hardware components on our physical servers are enterprise scale.
Configuration of our iptv Server infrastructures; It consists of Intel Xeon E5 Dual Processor Registered Ram. Due to our 7×24 corporate-scale continuity principle, PC-based computers are never used in our infrastructures.
We have more than 2.40 real enterprise servers in our provider inventory. Most of these servers are dual processor and new generation servers. With these servers, we can provide Windows and Linux based server services uninterruptedly and with the highest performance. 100% redundant Fortigate 1500D and Juniper SRX3400 series service provider scale devices are used as network security equipment.

Software Infrastructure

Many software are used on servers, including operating systems, server control panels and support software. All of the software we use belongs to our company. The most important advantage of using our own software is the constant supply of software updates and an easy solution to technical problems. Our company makes the best use of these advantages.
Our company also uses the server provisioning infrastructures it has developed. In this way, we can realize the 7×24 activation of all kinds of products and offer them to our customers in the fastest way.